The Law of Nations looks at international law from a UK perspective.

Our broad coverage includes the latest decisions of the English courts applying the full range of international law, from the enforcement of arbitral awards and foreign judgments to state and diplomatic immunity, extradition, and the availability of private law claims for violations of international law.

Away from the courts, we look at the ongoing debates about the UK’s foreign relations, its role as a centre for arbitration, its compliance with international law and human rights, its trade relations, and its role in the international legal order.

We examine the evolving legal framework in which the UK and its individuals and businesses operate, including environmental regulation and the increasing human rights obligations being applied to businesses.

Our lively podcast has covered everything from the intersection between arbitration and climate change to the future of UK trade relations and the qualities required of a good arbitrator.

We aim to combine sharp analysis with lively commentary, perspectives from abroad, and weekly news roundups. We welcome all comments and suggestions.